Testing my Tumblr.

Testing my Tumblr.

"This is like Frost-Nixon". @piersmorgan to @chelseahandler. Yah.

RT @jskurtz07: “He got a lot of props on his tie in the last debate. I bought him that tie.” - @Jon2012girls @PiersTonight

And now, the many, um, faces of Mickey Rourke. Literally & figuratively. A classic @piersmorgan interview.

A star is born RT @lenadunham Report from #girls ADR: No better laugher in the biz than Allison Williams

Wow. From Sandusky to Gabby Giffords crying. Unnerving TV.

Loves it! RT @ElisabethBru @Jonathanwald here’s a good @Tout reply from your first post. http://t.co/iuCBkaQ7

Are we, as a nation, over the E*Trade baby? I think we may be.

Reassuring. RT @NBCFirstRead GOP support for Perry plummets after debate flub http://t.co/2vdXXkAf